It's within your reach.

Do you worry that your message gets lost in all the "noise" of social media?

In today's reputation-driven economy, if people don't see you and your business as highly credible, you risk sinking without trace.

The key is simple: you need to be featured in the "traditional" media - TV, radio and press. Positive media coverage opens amazing doors and positions you as an expert.

Getting into the media is completely within your reach - you just need to know how the game is played.

The Headline Edge unlocks the secrets and provides easy steps that will have you featured in the media in no time.

"The Headline Edge makes it easy, with a step-by-step guide and all of the essential tools needed to get you in the fast lane of what is a very busy media highway. A must-read if you want to climb the corporate ladder or attract positive attention to yourself, your business or your cause." - Susie Elelman AM, Author, Radio and Television Broadcaster.

"As someone who has spent 30 years in the industry, I can testify that this is a masterly insider's guide to the workings of the media.
Most of all, it represents a practical blueprint for organizations and individuals who want to bullet-proof their reputation and turbo-charge their communication opportunities." - Stuart Howie, Flame Tree Media, former Editorial Director of Fairfax Regional Media.
  • Chapter 1 - You are your reputation: why a great media profile is a must-have in today's reputation-driven economy
  • Chapter 2 - The old and the new, and why they're both critical: don't make the mistake of focusing solely on social media
  • Chapter 3 - Inside a journalist's mind: what they really look for in a story
  • Chapter 4 - More ways to craft your story angle: honing your story until it's so good, the media won't be able to resist
  • Chapter 5 - Targeting and timeframes: how and when to contact the right media outlet for your story
  • Chapter 6 - How to craft your media information: it's easy when you know how!
  • Chapter 7 - How to do a great media interview: get invited back again and again
  • Chapter 8 - Media crises and how to avoid them: make sure you stand out for the right reasons!
  • Chapter 9 - Leveraging your media coverage: how to get huge mileage from one good media story
  • Chapter 10 - Your next move - PLUS bonus content

Dr Neryl East has been a journalist in radio, television and print and has worked with many organizations to build media profile and manage negative issues. She has a PhD in Journalism and is an award-winning speaker on all aspects of reputation.

"I love how this book summed up everything into a simple, 4-letter word acronym, EARS, which stands for the four key areas that any person or organization has to develop to be truly effective on building a good or positive reputation. This book can be anyone's guide on how to get famous in the eyes of media that will turn anyone’s career or business soaring high. Great buy!" - Maureen Garrett, Amazon.

"Dr Neryl East you are a genius! A brilliant book that gives real insights into how the PR machine should be done." - Paul Fanning, Amazon.

"I just finished this book. I had never considered using "old school" media before, but this book changed my thinking. I'll have to put the actions steps in motion to see if it works, but the book is well written, thought out, and gives a step by step guide to getting old school media to cover your business. My mind was blown by the concept, but such a great resource. I am thankful I found this guide." - Amazon.

"An indispensable help for the executive or communications professional who has to build, maintain and safeguard a corporate image and reputation in the digital and media driven business world." - Amazon.